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London, UK

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6 Pancras Square,
London, UK, N1C 4AG

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I am a research scientist at DeepMind in London, where I study topics in machine learning and optimization. I did my PhD at the University of Maryland, where I was advised by Dana Nau and Tom Goldstein. During my PhD, I studied fast stochastic optimization algorithms for machine learning problems. I also worked on building game-theoretic models of human behavior, where I closely collaborated with Michele Gelfand. I have previously interned at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC) and IBM Research Almaden.

I am interested broadly in topics in machine learning and optimization. My current focus is in studying optimization and generalization on neural networks. I am also interested in robust and verifiable machine learning models, generative models and game theory.


Full List: Google Scholar

The Impact of Neural Network Overparameterization on Gradient Confusion and Stochastic Gradient Descent
Karthik A. Sankararaman*, Soham De*, Zheng Xu, W. Ronny Huang, Tom Goldstein
paper / bibtex / tl;dr

Adversarial Robustness through Local Linearization
Chongli Qin, James Martens, Sven Gowal, Dilip Krishnan, Alhussein Fawzi, Soham De, Robert Stanforth, Pushmeet Kohli
NeurIPS 2019
paper / bibtex / tl;dr

Training Quantized Nets: A Deeper Understanding
Hao Li*, Soham De*, Zheng Xu, Christoph Studer, Hanan Samet, Tom Goldstein
NIPS 2017
paper / poster / bibtex / tl;dr

Automated Inference with Adaptive Batches
Soham De, Abhay Yadav, David Jacobs, Tom Goldstein
paper / slides / bibtex / tl;dr

Understanding Norm Change: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Study
Soham De, Dana Nau, Michele Gelfand
AAMAS 2017
paper / slides / bibtex / tl;dr

Efficient Distributed SGD with Variance Reduction
Soham De, Tom Goldstein
ICDM 2016
paper / slides / bibtex / tl;dr

The Inevitability of Ethnocentrism Revisited: Ethnocentrism Diminishes As Mobility Increases
Soham De, Michele Gelfand, Dana Nau, Patrick Roos
Scientific Reports 2015
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